Monday, September 6, 2010

First Day of School

Beautiful cool weather meant school on the porch this morning. Started with learning about insects, then Aine writing insect facts in the science notebook. On to word problems in math, fables in language and learning about the globe in Social Studies. On days when Jacques is home and not in preschool, we'll keep it light.
Darrell gave Aine a pop quiz on globe facts, where the equator, southern and northern hemispheres are, land masses, poles, etc. She passed with flying colors!

After lunch, to celebrate our school kick-off and extend our exploration of insects and other animals, we went for a hike at Ruffner Mountain Nature Center. Grammy joined us for some fresh air.
Before our expedition, we washed and cleaned an old set of fingerpaint cups to use as specimen containers. Worked beautifully! Among our finds were feathers, nuts, tiny bones, scat from something that ate someone else (bones in it), muscadines that were tasty, spiderwebs, cicada shells and miscellaneous holes in the ground. Great day to be out!

Now we've got to label, categorize and study our finds. Fantastic!

Enjoy your day and look around while you're out walking. You never know what you might find!

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  1. The frog at the top of the post is one we met on the trail today.