Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aaaaaaaand, Begin!

Hmmm, where to start? I envision this blog as a place for us to record our homeschooling adventures (and trials) and remind myself every day that this is an awesome choice for our family.

You'll meet each of us, learn about our likes, dislikes, hopes, successes and struggles, hopefully presented in a humorous way! Maybe you'll be inspired to break out of your shell and taste the world as we do!

Why do we homeschool?

Lots of reasons, some more serious than others,
but here are the top 11:

(Why eleven? Just to be different.)

Drum roll, please.......

1. We're not good with schedules.

2. I want well-rounded children.

3. Aine and Jacques can continue to strenghten their sibling bond instead of disappearing from each other's lives as most school-aged siblings do.

4. We love to travel and explore. No "school" to report to means travel whenever you like!

5. It's an efficient use of my kids' time. I know right away if they understand or don't. And they have plenty of time for the important business of BEING KIDS.

6. We can't afford private school.

7. We are choosing a different "socialization." This will be subject of an upcoming post.

8. My children and I enjoy each others' company and choose to learn and explore together.

9. They'll be gone really soon.

10. I can allow my children to follow their natural interests and foster their talents.

11. I value curiousity, independence, creativity, industriousness, imagination. I hope after a homeschool education, my children will too.

So come along with our family
as we explore the world together,

every day a magnificent adventure!

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  1. Love your top 11! I absolutely agree with all of them! p.s. Just found your blog browsing the net!.....
    Homeschooling Mama of 3 wild boys